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Where Did That Wave Come From?

IMG_0650If you have ever been to the ocean then you know the unpredictability of the water and the waves. The tide comes in then in goes out. The water isn’t even up to your knees then all of a sudden it is over your head. One wave gently tosses you around and you are having fun. But the next wave, it is a really big one, and the force of the water flips you upside down, pounds you into the ocean floor and you come up wondering what just happened. Life can be the same way. One minute things are calm and peaceful and then without notice a big wave (or two or three or four) comes and turns life upside down. You sometimes lose your breath and find yourself disoriented from all the pounding you are taking.

The Bible tells us that when, from your vantage point, things seem out of control that God has things under control and He can calm the waves in your life. Psalm 89:9 tells us this, “You rule over the surging sea; when the waves mount up, you still them.” We see a similar message in Psalm 107:29, “He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed.”

IMG_0178Sometimes God calms the waves and other times He calms us in the midst of the waves. Either way, you can always trust that God is in the lifeguard chair!

Dave Garrett



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