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What’s Better Than Soap and Water?

d5100Today we want you to hear from God’s Word and not from our thoughts. Psalm 51 is a beautiful psalm in which King David, after being confronted by the prophet Nathan, is humbly seeking forgiveness and cleansing after his adulterous affair with Bathsheba. We have a God who graciously forgives us and welcomes us home, not just once but over and over again. No matter how bad you think you’ve blown it, please know that God stands waiting for you with His arms wide open.

We encourage you to read this psalm (shown below verse by verse) and make it your own cry out to God. Allow Him to cleanse and purify you. And soak in His love and grace.

(1) Be merciful to me, O God, because of your constant love. Because of your great mercy wipe away my sins!

(2) Wash away all my evil and make me clean from my sin!

(3) I recognize my faults; I am always conscious of my sins.

(4) I have sinned against you—only against you—and done what you consider evil. So you are right in judging me; you are justified in condemning me.

(5) I have been evil from the day I was born; from the time I was conceived, I have been sinful.

(6) Sincerity and truth are what you require; fill my mind with your wisdom.

(7) Remove my sin, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.

(8) Let me hear the sounds of joy and gladness; and though you have crushed me and broken me, I will be happy once again.

(9) Close your eyes to my sins and wipe out all my evil.

(10) Create a pure heart in me, O God, and put a new and loyal spirit in me.

(11) Do not banish me from your presence; do not take your holy spirit away from me.

(12) Give me again the joy that comes from your salvation and make me willing to obey you.

(13) Then I will teach sinners your commands, and they will turn back to you.

(14) Spare my life, O God, and save me, and I will gladly proclaim your righteousness.

(15) Help me to speak, Lord, and I will praise you.

(16) You do not want sacrifices, or I would offer them; you are not pleased with burnt offerings.

(17) My sacrifice is a humble spirit, O God; you will not reject a humble and repentant heart.

(18) O God, be kind to Zion and help her; rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

(19) Then you will be pleased with proper sacrifices and with our burnt offerings; and bulls will be sacrificed on your altar.

(Good News Translation)

 Dave Garrett



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