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Weather Forecasting

Weather forecasting is not an exact science. Weather patterns change, sometimes almost hour by hour, and some days we like the weather pattern, other days, not so much. Meteorologists use all the technology at their disposal to try and give us the best weather forecast possible; sometimes they get it right, other times, their “mostly sunny” forecast ends up being an all-day rain event. We sometimes have a hard time trusting the forecasters due to their hit-or-miss reliability.

After yesterday’s solar eclipse, where varying degrees of darkness occurred in the middle of the day as some people witnessed a total eclipse while others outside the path only saw a partial eclipse, one thing is for certain today – the sun will rise in the east, make a slow journey across the sky, and then set in the west. While meteorologists might not get today’s forecast right, due to many variables, they will be able to accurately tell us when the sun will rise, when it will set, and that daytime will be “sunny” while nighttime will be “dark.”

Unlike the unpredictability of the weather and weather forecasting, we are called to trust God both when our lives are “sunny” and when they are “dark.” In other words, always! In Isaiah 26:4 we read these words, “Trust in the LORD forever, for in God the LORD, we have an eternal Rock.”    

In the Bible, in Exodus 14, there is a story about one of those dark days. The Israelites were set free after 400 years in slavery. As they marched to their freedom, and just as they thought sunny days were ahead, suddenly the climate changed and what looked like darkness was just over the horizon. On both sides were tall mountains, in front of them was a body of water, and behind them was an angry army in pursuit of them (because Pharaoh had changed his mind about their freedom.) This was certainly one of those moments when it would have been easy to try and take matters into their own hands. But the Israelites chose to trust God, even when the forecast looked dark and gloomy. The story goes on to tell us that God parted the Red Sea and the people walked across dry ground, safely reaching the other shore before the sea engulfed the army and killed them. Years later, the Israelites looked back upon that event and sang the words found in Psalm 77:19, “Your road led through the sea, your pathway through the mighty waters – a pathway no one knew was there.” (NLT)

So, even when your life’s forecast is not calling for sunshine, or you are right now in darkness, you can still trust God and have faith that He will make a pathway, maybe even one you don’t know is there.

Dave Garrett

New Bern, North Carolina


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