Vineyard Movement

The Vineyard started in the late 70s and early 80s. Birthed out of the Jesus movement that came from the hippie culture of southern California, it started with a group of people who desperately wanted more of God. The group that would eventually become the Vineyard was led by John Wimber. The Vineyard is grounded in the theology of the Kingdom of God, and thus seeks to bring the best experience of the Charismatic movement and the best theology of the Evangelical movement and blend them into one church. Today, the Vineyard is one of the fastest growing church planting movements in the world with over 2,400 churches in over 90 countries worldwide. The Vineyard consists of people who, much like the early members, are ordinary people who love and serve a far-from-ordinary God.

Please take time to check out the Welcome To The Vineyard page on the Vineyard USA website.

As part of the Vineyard family of churches, we share a common set of values and beliefs with other Vineyard churches around the world.

We are a people of the Kingdom of God who…
1. Partner with the Holy Spirit
2. Experience and worship God
3. Reconcile people with God and all creation
4. Engage in compassionate ministry
5. Pursue culturally relevant mission in the world

To read about these more in depth click here, or to download a copy of our Core Values & Beliefs click this link.