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The Charlottesville Manifesto

The violence that occurred in Charlottesville last week left most of us shocked, angry, numb, and filled with grief. While this type of bigotry and hatred is not new, it is seemingly once again front and center in our limbic systems, that part of the brain that controls responses to emotions. Sadly, for too long many of us, me included, have quietly been repulsed by these kinds of attitudes, but have been slow to actively participate in repudiating actions and attitudes that cause such great harm.

The kingdom of God unequivocally opposes bigotry, hatred, racism, white supremacy, nationalism, and all forms of discrimination and injustice. No longer can we allow these kinds of actions or attitudes to occur without opposition. We must stand up against any and all expressions that elevate one group of people at the expense of another. Let me be clear in saying that I, and Twin Rivers Vineyard Church (http://www.twinriversvineyard.org), are committed to becoming better at being engaged in the work of reconciliation, bringing healing and freedom to both the oppressed and those who hold sway over them.

Dave Garrett


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