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The Sunset Behind The Clouds

It is true that sometimes the hopelessness of today’s circumstances blur, or even block, us from the hopefulness of a better tomorrow. Are you living with a clear view of where God is leading you OR are you stuck in the struggles of today and unable to look to a brighter future?

Are the clouds you currently see keeping you from seeing the beautiful sunset that lies behind those clouds?

Are you getting beyond what you see to what you know to be true?

To help you see a brighter future, we encourage you to pray this prayer…

Dear Lord, I look forward to the day when every tear is wiped away, every disease is healed, death is no more, and Your Kingdom is established here on earth. Please allow me to feel Your presence and see Your power in my circumstances today and give me a glimpse of my glorious future! Amen

Dave Garrett

New Bern, North Carolina


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