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One-Stop Shopping

Not too many years ago you had to shop at many different stores in order to buy all the items you needed for daily living. You went to the grocery store for food and drink, the drug store for medications, the department store for clothes and a new purse, the hardware store to buy a lawn mower, the appliance store for a television, the sporting goods store for a new set of golf clubs or baseball cleats, the gas station to fill up your car with gasoline and to check the oil, and the list goes on.

shopping-cart-2Oh how times have changed. Those stores do still exist, but these days, with the growth of the big box retail stores, you can pretty much load up all on of life’s necessities and luxuries at one place. You can buy everything from groceries to underwear to new tires all under one roof, sometimes even in the same aisle. Recently we saw ant killer spray next to cake mixes. While you shop you can have a mechanic at that store give you a new set of tires on your car. And if you are hungry or thirsty, never fear, there is probably a food and beverage kiosk over in the corner of the store. On the way home, stop outside and fill up the car with gas and also buy a hanging flower basket for the front porch. Those retailers that used to specialize in a few types of products and services now still offer those same products and services plus a whole lot more. Today most of us desire “one-stop” shopping; that one place that we can go to fill up on all our needs.

All those “things” that we buy at the stores mentioned above, they are all only temporary. We eat them, drink them, break them, give them away, wear them out, or lose them. And then next week, next month, next year, we go back to that same store and buy whatever it is we need again.

We also have a God who is a “one-stop” God. He can meet all your needs, those you have today and the ones you will have tomorrow. Notice we said “needs” and not simply “wants.” At the end of the New Testament book Philippians we read these assuring words in 4:19 from the Apostle Paul, “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.”  What Paul is saying is that the measure of God’s giving (think big box store on steroids!) is infinitely greater than anything we can get elsewhere, and that God promises that He will supply all He sees we need, not merely from his glorious riches, but corresponding in size (equal in measure) to his glorious riches that Christ also enjoys. In other words, God holds nothing back from those who love Him!

So today, we ask you this – Do you trust God to supply all your needs? Do you sometimes waiver and look elsewhere?

Dear Father, grant us all the gift of ever increasing faith so that we can trust You, and always look to You, for all our needs. Thank you for being our one-stop shop and for holding nothing back from us. Amen

We end with the words of Jesus. In John 10:10 we read, “The thief comes to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

Dave Garrett


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