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Do You One-Stop Shop?

We think you will agree that shopping, whether it is for life’s daily needs and wants or those not-so-easy to find items on your holiday gift list, can be draining and exhausting. Not too many years ago you had to shop at many different stores in order to buy all the varying items you needed. You went to the grocery store for food and drink, the drug store for medications, the department store for clothes, the hardware store to buy a lawn mower, the appliance store for a new refrigerator, and the toy store for that Barbie dollhouse with a trillion tiny decals.

Oh how times have changed. Those stores do still exist, but these days, with the growth of the big box retail stores, you can pretty much load up all on of life’s necessities and luxuries at one place. You can buy everything from groceries to underwear to new tires all under one roof. While you shop you can have a mechanic at that store put a new set of tires on your car. And if you are hungry or thirsty, never fear, there is probably a food and beverage kiosk over in the corner of the store. On the way home, stop outside and fill up the car with gas and also buy a hanging flower basket for the front porch. Those retailers that used to specialize in a few types of products and services now still offer those same products and services plus a whole lot more. Today most of us desire “one-stop” shopping; that one place that we can go to fill up on everything we need and want.

We also have a God who is a “one-stop” shop; a place to go for all that we need. And just to be clear, “need” is different than “want.” In Genesis 3:21 we read, “The LORD God made garments of skin for Adam and His wife and clothed them.” God has been providing for His people since the very beginning of time and He promises to meet your needs today. We are told in Psalm 34:9-10, “Fear the LORD, you holy people, for those who fear him lack nothing. The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.” (Fear in this context means a healthy respect and reverence.)

So this Christmas season, in the midst of running from store to store trying to find all the items on your list we ask you this – Do you trust God to supply all your needs? Or do you sometimes run from “store to store” trying to locate what you can’t seem to find?

Dear Father, grant us all the gift of ever increasing faith so that we can trust You, and always look to You, for all our needs. Thank you for being our one-stop shop and for holding nothing back from us. Amen

Dave Garrett

New Bern, North Carolina



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