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Interested Or Committed?

14433088_1231101886932385_7054702094323879700_nWhen it comes to breakfast, can there be anything better than two perfectly cooked eggs alongside several slices of crisp bacon? Add in home fries, some fruit, a cold glass of orange juice or hot cup of freshly brewed coffee, and you got yourself a good start to the day!

We want to compare your morning eggs and bacon with the two ways we so often go about our relationships. Before you think we have lost our senses, let us explain. In terms of delivering the eggs and bacon to your plate, the chicken, she is interested, but the pig, he is more than interested, he is fully committed. You get the picture?

In your relationship with Jesus or your relationships with those around you, are you more like the chicken or the pig?

Today we ask you these two next questions.

1) Are you tired of those superficial chicken-like relationships? You know, the ones where all you ever talk about is yesterday’s sports scores and the weather.

2) Are you looking for real and meaningful relationships? Committed relationships that are safe and help you find purpose and meaning in life? If so, then we are just the family for you!

We have two weekly groups, we call them Launch Groups, that are focused on doing life together, growing to be more like Jesus, and impacting our community with the Good News of the gospel.

Will you consider joining us on this journey to go deeper with Jesus and deeper with one another?

For meeting times and locations, click here.

You Matter to God! You Matter to Us!


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