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Illuminating the Darkness

Have you ever lost power in your house and found yourself in the dark? You grope your way through complete darkness, trying to avoid banging your shins on the bed post or knocking over a lamp. If it is day time, you open the curtains to allow the daylight to help illuminate the darkness. You hope that your eyes quickly adjust. Our eyes are amazingly complex organs that are made to adapt to changes in light. In adapting to the darkness your eyes go through a three phase process. The pupils dilate very quickly, the cone cells in the retina take about ten minutes to adapt to the dark, while it takes the rod cells in the retina, which are more sensitive to changes in light than the cones, up to forty-five minutes to adapt. Even after your eyes completely adapt to the darkness, you are thankful for the little bit of light coming in through the window.

Sometimes in our walk with Jesus we also find ourselves in darkness. And just like that room is pitch black, you feel as if you are groping your way through complete darkness. Maybe you are in the midst of a difficult season of life and you wonder where God is. Maybe you have been asking God for direction, only to hear nothing from Him. Or possibly you have allowed your intimacy with God to wane and you feel distant from Him.

Every follower of Jesus finds themselves in times of darkness at some point or another. What are we to do in those moments of darkness? Isaiah 50:10 gives us the answer – “Who among you fears the LORD and obeys the voice of his servant? Let him who walks in darkness and has no light trust in the name of the LORD and rely on his God.” (ESV)

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” Psalm 119:105

So today, will you trust God to illuminate your darkness, trusting in His light, the light that will guide your path?

Dave Garrett

New Bern, North Carolina


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