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Has Your Fire Burned Out?

Have you ever found yourself no longer passionate about something that in the past was what excited you? Has your once raging campfire almost totally burned itself out? Think about marriage. A man and a woman get married, they go on a honeymoon, that newly married passion burns strong for a few years, then they find themselves just living out life together. The marriage is not bad, but life together has become routine and the passion has burned out.

In my football playing days, the season was long and draining. Two hot weeks of preseason camp followed by ten weeks of practice, games and film, and several times, a few more weeks of playoff games. By the end of the season, the excitement that was ignited right before the opening kickoff of the season’s first game had been replaced by a mind and body wondering if all the pounding is worth it.

Or maybe today you find yourself simply going through the motions in school or in your job. We often find life to be that way. We get up in the morning, do whatever it is we do during the day, fall into bed exhausted, and tomorrow, the same old same old. There is no time or energy to get passionate. Life becomes mundane and we miss the joy of living. We do acknowledge that many life situations, maybe one you are facing today, make it hard to smile.

Our relationship with Jesus often follows that same path. When you first become a Christ-follower, you burn red hot, wanting to know and grow in this new relationship. But over time, the things that once gave you life are now just routine. You still pray, read your Bible, attend church and small groups, and serve the needy, but it has become more about doing all the right stuff than becoming more like Jesus. You’ve become lukewarm. The Bible warns against that very thing. In Revelation 3:16, these words are spoken to the church at Laodicea: “So, because you are lukewarm – neither hot nor cold – I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” On the flipside, the apostle Paul tells us this, found in Romans 12:11 – “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.”

So today, if you find yourself lukewarm, or even cold, begin to take steps in re-orient your perspective, and ask God to ignite a fire in you, not just for the things of life but also in your relationship with Him. John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, put it this way – “Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn.”

Dave Garrett

New Bern, North Carolina


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