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EXCITING NEWS! Please read.

August 23, 2016

Dear Friends of TRVC,

We would like to update you on some exciting changes happening next month.

Our local church is part of the Vineyard Movement; a growing family of over 2,400 churches globally. We began holding weekly worship services on Saturday nights in November, 2014. Some of you might have visited us once or twice during that time, and we thank you for checking us out. Our attendance is not enough to support a weekly worship service, so we will be temporarily moving away from a weekly service (after Saturday, September 3) and re-focusing our attention on building community and growing in relationship with God and with each other. Let us explain.

From day one we have put a focus on relationships and not rules. We believe that growth, both personal and spiritual, comes from being in community with one another; sharing life and sharing each other’s burdens. We want every person to know they are loved and valued, both by God and by us. We believe that community happens in a circle, sitting around a table or a living room, and not in rows looking at the back of someone’s head in a worship service. We want people to know… You Matter to God! You Matter to Us! Therefore, beginning next month we will begin two small groups. We are calling them Launch Groups, with the focus being on sharing life together, growing to be more like Jesus, and impacting our community with the good news of the gospel. This intentional commitment to Jesus and to one another will launch us into a more meaningful and purpose-driven life; the life God desires for us to live.

So what does this all mean? Below you will find information about our two Launch Groups. Both groups will include worship, an interactive lesson, prayer time, food and fellowship. Each will have a slightly different feel to them, so you are invited to check them both out.

Each Saturday night, beginning September 10 at 6 PM, we will be meeting at the Boy Scout Building (rear of property) at Faith United Methodist Church, 4143 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., New Bern. (This is the same location we currently meet for weekly worship.) This night will focus on a disciple-making topic.

Each Tuesday night, beginning September 13 at 6:30 PM, we will be hosted by Gary and Kelly Michaud in their home, 303 Belle Oaks Drive, New Bern. This night will have varied topics.

In addition to the new Launch Groups, we will have regular social activities and continue to serve our community in ways that are relevant. At some point in the future, our plan is to again have weekly worship services, once we gain enough momentum to do so.

We are very excited for this new chapter in the journey God has for us! We believe that our world is desperate for real relationships, both with God and with those around us, and we want to help foster those kinds of relationships.

We hope you will consider joining us on this journey! In the meantime, you can find out more information on our local church and the Vineyard Movement by clicking the various links on our website www.twinriversvineyard.org. You can also check us out on Facebook (you will find a link on our website). If you have questions, or would like to talk to us, we are available to meet with you. You can call the church’s virtual phone number at (252) 288-3699.

And please, if we can be of any assistance to you, or you need someone to pray with you, please let us know.

We hope to see you in September!


Dave & Robyn Garrett

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