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31cffa78e3f5b264230b2769556784be_f1325In the Creation Story found in the first chapter of the Bible, it is clear that God intended for mankind to tend and care for everything He created… the air we breathe, the ground we walk on, the water we drink, the lakes, rivers and oceans we swim in, the crops and vegetation we eat, the trees and flowers that beautify the earth, the living creatures in the water, all the birds in the air, and every land animal. Throughout scripture we read that God reveals Himself through all of creation (for example, see Psalm 19:1-6 or Romans 1:20), and that all of creation is important and good to God, so all of creation is important and good to us, therefore we intend to be eco-friendly (“green”) in all we do.

One of the ways in which we can help beautify our city is to pick up trash along side the road. Therefore we are partnering with the City of New Bern in the Adopt-A-Street program.  We have adopted Newman Road which runs from the rear of the New Bern Mall to McCarthy Boulevard. Since much of the street is in a business district, we will be focusing on the section between Wellons Boulevard and the rear entrance to the mall.  We will begin picking up trash on our adopted street on Saturday, February 14, starting at 9 AM, and then subsequently on the second Saturday of each month. We will meet in the parking lot in the rear of the mall near Newman Road.

We hope you will plan to join us each month as we serve God, our community, and our neighbors.

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