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Soak in God’s Presence and Goodness!

We all need someone who listens to our greatest needs; that shoulder to lean on in times of trouble. We also need people that we can look up to; people who serve as role models and mentors to us. Very rare us it that we find one person to fill both of those important roles, but in the person of […]

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White As Snow

This morning we woke up to the ground covered in a beautiful blanket of snow. While it is a lovely sight, the weather conditions up and down the East Coast are quite dangerous. We are all familiar with meteorological terminology, words such as arctic blast, hurricane, cold front, polar vortex, low pressure, etc. But this week, the term used to […]

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What Kind of Faith Do You Have?

We live in a world of broken promises. So often people, corporations, and government tell us one thing, then either do something else or nothing at all. When someone says to you, “I will come to your picnic” it often really means “I will come to your picnic if nothing better comes up.” Marriages break up because “as long as […]

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