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The Potter’s Wheel

Do you feel like you are spinning out of control? Think back to when you were a kid and you went to the playground. You and your friends were on the merry-go-round and someone yelled “faster,” and soon it was spinning faster and faster and the centrifugal force was trying to throw you off, but you hung on to the […]

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The “Go West” Plan

You are planning a trip to San Francisco from your home on the East Coast. You and your family pack your bags, take the dog to the kennel, put a temporary stop on your mail, and do all the things needed to prepare for a three week trip. You all pile into your SUV and off you go. Instead of […]

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There Is No Need To Stockpile

We are a society that likes to stockpile supplies. Why else do many of us have five loaves of bread in the freezer or enough peanut butter in the pantry for the next six months? And look under the sink in the bathroom and you might find a year’s worth of shampoo and toilet paper. We buy many things in […]

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Fish Stories

We live in a society where truthfulness is no longer a prevailing principle that guides our lives. Stories are embellished, facts are changed, watered down, and even fabricated in order to make a point, win an argument, or stay out of trouble. It isn’t only fishermen who tell “fish that got away” stories. In the most recent presidential election season […]

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Revisited- What Color Paint In 2017?

We first posted this as we flipped the calendar from 2016 to 2017. At that time we asked this question, “As you put the finishing touches on 2016 and begin to think about what colors of paint you will splash upon the canvas in 2017, how are you doing?” As we sit here halfway through the year, this is once […]

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