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Nine Minutes

We all have our default “first thing” morning routine once the alarm clock awakens us. For some, it is press the snooze button, hoping to catch nine more minutes of shut eye. Or you might turn on the television to watch the morning news or catch last night’s sports scores on ESPN. Maybe you crawl out of bed and make […]

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The Dim Flashlight

We never really appreciate the value of something until we go to use it and it does not work. Picture yourself enjoying an evening at home, have a nice glass of wine with old friends, telling stories of days gone by. Suddenly the power goes out and other than the light from your cell phone screen you are in complete […]

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Are You Listening Or Just Hearing?

You have probably asked someone this next question, or maybe it has been asked of you. “Are you listening?” Many of us are good “hearers,” but we are not really that good at “listening” The person being talked to looks attentive, but their (or your) thoughts are far away. The dictionary defines hearing as being aware of sounds coming to […]

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Just For Such A Time As This

Life is not always easily explained. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations and circumstances that make perfect sense to us, while other times, we feel like we are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes the reason we find ourselves in a certain place or situation becomes evident right away while other times that answer alludes us, and […]

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Life Can Be More Than A Hamster Wheel

Our culture tells us the faster the better, and if fast is really better, then faster is even better. Well, unless you are a race car driver or a sprinter, fast is not always best. We all seem to sprint through life from one thing to another, often times those things are good and noble, but in the midst of […]

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