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How To Survive a Storm

While the Atlantic hurricane season does not officially begin until June 1, right now you might find yourself in a storm that is blowing you all over the place. So today we want to talk about how you can weather the storms that come into your life. On October 28, 1991 the fishing vessel the Andrea Gail was lost at […]

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Who Around You Is In Need? Serve Them!

One of our core values in The Vineyard is to be culturally relevant. We must be relevant to our culture, not accommodating to our culture. We are called to bring the good news of the gospel message to every nook and cranny of our planet, translating (not watering down) the message of Jesus into language and form that is relevant […]

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Your Lighthouse of Life

One of the benefits of living in eastern North Carolina is being in close proximity to the ocean and also to those beautiful structures so often found near our country’s seas and inland waterways – lighthouses. What is the purpose of a lighthouse? We all know that lighthouses serve as a navigational guide and a warning for boats and ships […]

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What Color Are Your Flowers?

You’ve probably heard the saying, “garbage in, garbage out.” We all are products of our environments, and it is true that what goes in also eventually also comes out. A real good illustration of that truth is the hydrangea flowering plant. As with all plants, hydrangeas need the proper soil conditions along with the right balance of sunlight, shade, and […]

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