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Help Us Beautify Our City

Please plan to join us Saturday, February 14, at 9 AM as we serve our city by picking up trash on Newman Road, behind the New Bern Mall. We have scheduled the second Saturday of each month as the day we will beautify the road. We will meet in the parking lot in the rear of the mall behind Belk near […]

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Singing a Victory Song!

We are all taught to say thank you to someone after they do something for us. Those two little words “thank you” reflect a polite expression of gratitude, or when used as “no thank you,” usually imply a polite refusal. Regardless of the context, we say thank you to someone after the fact. When is the last time you said […]

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The Twistedness of Life is Part of Life

Have you ever wondered where God is in those moments when your life seems to be crumbling under your feet? We praise God in the “good times,” but those “bad times,” we wonder where was God or why He allowed that “bad” thing to happen? Let’s turn to Scripture and see what it says. In Ecclesiastes 3:13-14 we read these […]

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